Yamaha CX-A5200 English description

The Yamaha CX-A5200 is have a nice haptics and good workmanship quality.

The inner construction is kept simple but have good structure.

The new remote control is much better than the old one. All in one a good package for 2500€ price range. 

We found a huge shielded toroidal transformer from Bando in the front center area and two linear power supplys for the audio parts. 

Also a big switching power supply for all other parts. 

In summary we have many points for our modification. 

The serial CX-A5200 sound right good, like the CX-A5100. A little bit harsh in the upper highs and a bit thin in the upper bass/lower mids. The three-dimensionality and the timing a still good. But the Yamaha CX-A5200 sounds not as natural like a Onkyo PR-RZ-5100. 

Time to find out what we could do... 

Impressions of the serial Yamaha CX-A5200 

Description of the modification 


Main Power Supply Boards


The main power supply boards houses the important buffer capacitors and bridge rectifier for the audio and DAC unit. 

We change all buffer and support capacitors by the best versions that is available on market. We use large Mundorf Mlytic and other  high end  capacitors. Additionally we change a few other capacitors with best one. So we get the best  buffer capacity only for the audio unit. 

Also we changed the bad bridge rectifier with ultrafast, softrecovery diodes for less switching distortion. 

All important buffer capacitors become best wima filter foils in bypass for ultralow noisefloor and perfect impulse response.

Totally we changed 37 parts on the main power supply boards. 


DAC buffer board


The DAc buffer operational amplifiers are not the same quality for all channels. We change all with best Texas Instruments from the sound plus series.

We replace the buffer capacitors with audiphile low ESR versions and upsize the capacity. The bad coupling capacitors were changed with best WIMA foils for optimal sound quality and impulse response.

On this board we install 33 new parts.




Audio board 


We replace some operational amplifier with best one from Texas instruments sound plus serie and install best audiophile low ESR buffer capacitors. All coupling capacitors were changed by best WIMA foils for superb sound quality.

At all 18 changes on this board


XLR in / out boards


On this very important boards we rebuild the complete buffering capacitors with larger ones and best audiphile low ESR versions. Also we add WIMA foils for optimal filtering and lower noise floor. All operational amplifiers were changed by best Texs Instruments OP-Amps from the sound plus series.

All electrolyte capacitors for coupling were replaced with best WIMA foils for best sounding.

On this 3 boards we make 73 changes.

HDMI Board 

We replace all buffer capacitors with ultra low esr capacitors and additionaly filtering. This board where housing the ESS Sabre DACs and the buffering. 

We make 10 changes . 


Switching Power Supply


We change the buffer capacitor with ultra low ESR versions with larger capacity and install WIMA foils for best filtering. The bridge rectifier were replaced by ultrafast, softrecovery diodes for less switching noise.


Additionaly we add damping material to the case of the Yamaha CX-A5200 and bring emi/rfi filtering to important positions.


At all we make 171 changes in the Yamaha CX-A5200


Impressions of the modification

The result


After the modification the CX-A5200 sounds much more detailed and open with less harsh sounding highs. The quality from the bass to the uppest highs sounds like a new league. The timing is one of the best in Preamp market.

The threedimensional sound , the original 5200 also have, is better again and completly free from the speakers.

Dialoges in movies are very clear, detailed and realy natural. Music and scores sounds much better then before with more natural timbre and never sounding harsh.

The modified Yamaha makes a three-dimensonality with a large room and fill it completly with sound.

The upgrade lifts the CX-A5200 to another class of preamp devices. It sounds clear, detailed, have natural timbre and a superb timing.




authentic cinema modification for your Yamaha CX-A5200

1550,00€ incl. 19%VAT

plus the original device.


You can buy the original device from us.