Panasonic DP-UB9004 / 9000 with authentic cinema modification

The Panasonic flagship DP-UB9000 (9004) comes in perfect workmanship from best materials. This player is a beatiful construction with seperates the different modules. Best requirements for our modification.

The serial player already makes a very good picture and sound performance, but we want the best of all.

Impressions of the serial Panasonic DP-UB9000

Features of the authentic cinema modification 

Level 1

  • complete refinig of the switching power supply (buffering, filtering, rectifiers)
  • refining the drive controller
  • refining the digital outputs from the mainboard
  • replacing the plastic feets with full aluminium feets

Level 2

  • replacing the stereo-DAC-buffering on the mainboard
  • replacing the stereo operational amplifiers from the analog board
  • replacing the buffering from the analog board
  • replacing the coupling capacitors from the anaolg board
  • replacing the signal resistors from the analog board
  • replacing the filter capacitors from the analog board

Level 3

  • replacing the mulitchannel-DAC-buffering on the mainboard
  • replacing the DAC buffer operational amplifiers from the mainboard
  • replacing the multichannel coupling capacitors
  • replacing the multichannel signal resistors
  • replacing the multichannel output operational amplifiers

Femot Clock upgrade

  • replacing the standard clock with a high precision, ultra low jitter femto clock modul 

Description of our modification


Modification of the power supply

We are prelacing almost all capacitors from the switching power supply with ultra low ESR versions. Partially 5 times better than the serial parts. We bypassed capacitors with high end WIMA foils for less noise and better impulse response.

The buffering capacity is meaningfully increased for a absolutly stable output power.

The noise of the modifcated power supply is up to 5 times less than the original power supply.


Modification of the mainboard

the mainboard modification includes many parts. We replace the satndard operational amplifiers with ultra precison ones from Texas Instruments Sound Plus Series (1612), with much better distortions and much  faster slew rate.

All capacitors from the mainboard where replaced audiophil by ultra low ESR capacitors. 26 pieces alone for the both DACs. This is a very important part for a better analog performance.


Modification of the drive controller

We replace and enlarge the buffering for the drive controller with ultra low ESr SMD capacitors.


Modification of the analog output board

Overall there are over 50 parts to replace alone from the analog output board. We change the standard operational amplifiers with best one from Texas Instruments Sound Plus Series with JFET input stage. They have the advantage in distortion, noise floor and slew rate.

The sound damaging coupling capacitors in signal path were replaced by audiophils high end capacitors with a WIMA bypass foil, or replaced by a copper bridge where its possible.

The magnetic resistors in signal path were replaced by ultra precison, non magnetic, non inductiv audiophil resistors with less noise floor.

The filerting capacitors were replaced by much better WIMA foils.



The standrad plastic feets were replaced by full aluminium feets with a rubber ring for best stand and resonance derivation.

We also install a special damping for less drive noise.


Femto Clock upgrade

We replace the standard clock with a ultra high precison , lowest jitter Femto clock modul. The clock signal is fully electrical cut from the clock modul for the cleanest signal.

What does the modification

The Panasonic DP-UB9000 (9004) serial picture and sound performance is already good, also the anaolg sound is acceptable for a multi-player.

After modification we have a more stable picture and smoothness. The pictures looks sharper, cleaner and more threedimensional. Black looks deeper and colors more intensive with moving pictures. With installing the Femto clock this will increase again and the master of picture quality will come to the king of the picture quality.

After our modification you will get a outstanding sound performance from the digital ouputs from the 9000/9004. You forget complety you are looking a movie, because of its natural, open and completly loosened sound from the speakers. There are no harsh tones, a very substantial, deep and more structured bass and more details.

With the Femto clock the sound performance increase again in this pionts because of the absolutly clean clock signal.

The sound from the analog outputs after the modification is also inspiring. You become very good resolution with a stable wide and deep stage. The Panasonic DP-UB9000 (9004) plays with good focus and very good locatable soundstage. Knowing this is coming from a multi format player, this performance is very well. With the femto clock the analog outputs sound more natural and smoother in the presence area.


Our Panasonic DP-UB9000 / 9004 is the best avaible player on market.

Absolutly our reference.

Impressions of the modification of the Panasonic DP-UB9000 / 9004


Panasonic DP-UB9004 / 9000 levels of modifications

Different levels means different scope of modification. 


Level 1 (digital modification)

Price for the authentic cinema modification level 1 for your Panasonic DP-UB9000 / 9004 incl. 24 month of warranty

580,00€ incl. 19% VAT


Level 2 (analog Stereo RCA+XLR ouptuts, only available with level 1)

Price of the authentic cinema level 2 modification for your Panasonic DP-UB9000 / 9004 incl. 24 month of warranty

315,00€ incl. 19% VAT



Level 3 (analog multicahnnel outputs, only available with level 1) 

Price of the authentic cinema modification level 3 for your panasonic DP-UB9000 / 9004 incl. 24 months of warranty

260,00€ incl. 19% VAT



Femto clock upgrade (only available with level 1)

A ultra high precision, ultra low jitter Femto clock modul

360,00€ incl. 19% VAT



You can also buy the serial device from us. Ask for a special modification complete price.


Because of the modification there is no more warranty and liability against the original manufacturer.

You become 24 month of warranty from us.



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