Marantz AV8805 A authentic cinema

Pictures from the serial AV8805

Description of the modification 


Main Power Supply Board


The main power supply board houses the important buffer capacitors and bridge rectifier for the audio unit. 

We change all buffer and support capacitors by the best versions that is available on market. We use 4 large (15000uf)  Mundorf Mlytic and 8 high end Elna capacitors. Additionally we change a few other capacitors with best one. So we get a total of round about 70000uf best  buffer capacity only for the audio unit. 

Also we changed the bad bridge rectifier with ultrafast, softrecovery diodes for less switching distortion. 

Totally we changed 33 parts on the main power supply board. 


DAC Board

The buffer capacitors on the dac board were changed by audiophile ultra low esr capacitors and partially bypassed by best wima foils. The coupling capacitors were be replaced with best wima foil capacitors. 

All operational amplifiers were changed by best sounding Texas Instruments Versions by the sound plus serie. 

Additionally we changed 104 parts on the dac board. 


HDAM Modules

The marantz AV8805 have 15 discret builded hyper dynamic amplifier modules.

We replaced all coupling and buffer capacitors with audiophile, better versions. Furthermore we use best wima foil where it's possible and/or as a bypass for optimal impulse response and best filtering.

We make 150 changes on the 15 HDAM boards.


XLR In Board

All coupling and buffer capacitors were changed by best sounding capacitors with better technical values.

Of course we use Wima foils for better impulse response and filtering.

Also we replace all operational amplifier by best sounding Texas Instruments versions of the sound plus serie.

We replaced 14 parts on this small board.


Switching Power Supply

This board provide for the digital unit. We improve the filtering and replace the fuse by a better one.

We make 4 changes on this board.


In summary we make 304 changes in the Marantz AV8805 to improve the sound quality.


After the modification the Marantz AV8805 increases the sound performance over the complete bandwidth.

The punchy bass gets more structured , the resolution, especially in the middle, sounds very excellent. The highs never get harsh and sounds nonetheless very open.

The sound is very 3-dimensional and single parts are perfect locatable.

With the warm touched and better resolution sound performance the modified Marantz AV8805 make you feal in the movie or concert. 

Price for the Marantz AV8805 incl. authentic cinema modification

6990,00€ incl. 19%VAT


Price only for the modification of your own unit

2890,00€ incl. 19% VAT


Cause the modification there is no warranty and liability to the original manufacturer.

You become 24 months of warranty from us. 

Pictures from the modification