Zappiti Pro 4k HDR english description

with authentic cinema modification 

Impressions of the serial Zappiti 4K Pro HDR

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR


The retail price of the serial Zappiti Pro 4K HDR is 799,00€. It is a good workmanship from aluminium. The zappiti have 2 internal 3,5 inch HDD ports. 



  • high quality toroidal transformer
  • good linear power supply
  • Casing from aluminium
  • source direct function
  • 2 HDMI out 1 HDMI in
  • HDMI Audio only out with high precison low jitter clock
  • Zero Signal connection
  • good quality illuminated remote control
  • 2 x 3,5 inch HDD ports

Feature of the modification level 1

  • Replacement of all buffer capacitors on the power supply with audiophile ultra low esr Version with upsizing the capacity
  • Replacment of the standard diodes with ultrafast, softrecovery Versions
  • Filtering of the linear power supply
  • Filtering of the mainboard voltages, especialy the internal HDD ports
  • Adding special EMI/RFI filtering materials on the chips, clocks and wifi modul
  • Adding a ferrit for high frequency supression
  • Replacing the smal chipset cooler with a larger, better one
  • Damping the case
  • Replacing the original plastic feets with our full aluminium feets for better resonance derive

Modification of the linear power supply


 We are cleaning the original board and equip best new audiophile low esr capacitors with more capacity. We add some best Wima foils for better filtering and impulse charateristics.

The standard diodes will be replaced with ultrafast, softrecovery Version with also more current delivery capability.

In summary we make 17 changes on the power supply with selected parts.

The result is a ultra clean power supply with 10 times muss less noise. You will see in the Chart below.


Modification of the zero signal and mainboard


All smd capacitors were changed with ultra low esr versions with also more buffer capacity. The new capacitors have a 10 tims better esr and much less noise. so we get better current deliverybality direct at the chips.

Additionally we added some Wima foils for better Filtering an the power inlet of the mainboard and the power ports for the internal hdd.

We replace the standard chipset cooler with a high end cooler for a much lower operating temperature.

The zero Signal board becomes also new best ultra low esr capacitors, for the headphone amp especialy audiophile versions.

Moreover we added special emi/rfi filtering materials to the chips, clocks and wifi modul for optimal noise supression.


Further acivities


we put a special ferrit in the power inlet for more noise supression. The original plastic feets were changed by our full aluminium feets for better resonance derive.



The result of the authentic cinema modification is one of the best mediaplayer on the market. The picture qualitiy is outstanding. Super sharp, clean and smooth. The modified Zappiti delivers more details, more  three dimensonality  and a more stabile picture than the serial player.

The sound quality increases to a very natural open soundstage with a ultra exactly bass performance and clean, never sharp, high frequency range.

With this modified Zappiti the quality of the picture and sound i on a point , and may be a little higher, than the best palyer on market.




Price for the authentic cinema modification level 1 of your Zappiti Pro 4K HDR

545,00€ incl. 19% VAT


Preferential price for a Zappiti with authentic cinema modification level 1

1275€ incl. 19% VAT


Level 2 modification  with Femto clock and Furutech NCF IC inlet


Level 2 modification includes the installation of a high precision femto clock modul with less jitter under 1ps. We add extra filtering for the clock modul for more precision.

We change also the IC inlet with a Furutech NCF inlet and very clean , solid copper wire.


Alltogether the sound- and pictureperformance could be increased1 again. The picture shows even more sharpness and stability. Just while the picture is moving there is a clear difference in the stability and sharpness.

Also the sgood soundperformance of the level 1 modification could be audible improved. The sound of the level 2 modification have a more peaceful background, better stage and more details. The sound wins naturalness.


Level 2 is only avaiable with level 1.

The Zappiti Pro 4K with authentic cinema modification level 1+2 is currently the best mediaplayer on market 


Price fro the level 2 upgrade from level 1

375,00€ incl. 19% VAT


Price for the Zappiti Pro 4K with authentic cinema modification level 1+2

1585,00€ incl. 19% VAT

Impressions of the level 1 modification

Impressions of the level 2 modification